Terms and conditions.

I agree to permit the participation of the child in the portrayal of Prairieview international school activities in film, slides , photographs or other representations.
I agree to attend parent information evenings and conferences. Prairieview International school assists the child in his/her development accordingly. Communication among adults around the child is essential.
I understand Prairieview international school policy of no obligation to dispense medications or administer medications. In case of emergency Prairieview international school will notify parents immediately.
I understand that children are admitted for the full term and that my agreement to pay for school fees are not subject to adjustments for illness, absence,vacation,withdrawal or holidays. This contract may be canceled upon condition that a 30 day written notice is provided prior to the withdrawal date. The parent will be expected to pay the tuition to cover the time the child attends the school, as well as the 30 day notice time period. Tuition refunds will be prorated 30 days from the date of written notice.
I understand that there may be changes in regular school hours on special days. (winter parties etc)